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Mansel (Ceylon) Ltd as it was then known, was established on 5th February 1964. The Company was formed by three friends named Cyril J Goonetilleke, Arthur J Edwards and A. ‘Chuck’ Wijenathen. Sadly both Cyril Goonetilleke (Chairman) and Arthur Edwards (Director) passed away leaving ‘Chuck’ Wijenathen to lead the Company.

1970 saw the establishment of a coalition government with Socialist policies which also saw the establishment of the State Pharmaceutical Corporation soon afterwards. Medical Representatives were banned from ‘detailing’ under the new government regulations. Local Companies were permitted to tender on behalf of their business partners and Mansel was able to secure the plum of tenders which was for Methyldopa under the brand Aldomet which was an (MSD) Merck product being represented by ‘Chuck’ Wijenathen.

Seven years later in 1977, a new government opened up the economy and permitted free imports. This new ‘open economic’ policy enabled J L Morrison & Jones (Cey) Ltd who represented Merck to import bulk product and pack in Sri Lanka.

In the early 80’s Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) moved it’s Agency to Mansel and among the first products Mansel imported were B.G. Phos, Liquor Diastos & Phedros from MSD India and Aldomet, Benemid, Decadron and Edecrin from MSD Hong Kong. Two years later in 1982 Merck appointed Mansel as its sole Agent & Distributor. Following the withdrawal of Merck from India, Mansel established a relationship with MSD Pakistan. By the early 90’s Merck decided that all imports be channeled through The Netherlands, while importing those products manufactured in Pakistan directly from Pakistan. A few years ago, OBS bought over the Merck operations in Pakistan and today Mansel represents OBS Pakistan as its Sole Distributor in Sri Lanka.

Mansel also had a business relationship with Phillips Petrochemicals, USA as its Sole Indenting Agent.

It has also brokered a relationship between BF Goodrich and the then Ceylon Tyre Corporation (now CEAT) which manufactured tubeless radial tyres for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Mansel also represented Rockwell Collins USA as Indenting Agent and was responsible for the selling of GPS Navigational Systems to the Sri Lanka Air force.

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